Eye Tightening using Endymed iFine handpiece

This treatment uses radio frequency energy to heat and subsequently tighten the delicate area around the eye.  The handpiece is much smaller than the facial/neck tightening handpiece which allows effective maneuverability and heating in this bony area.

The treatment

6 treatments over 8 weeks, the first 4 weekly and the last 2 fortnightly.  Treatment results are maintained with 3-4 monthly top-up appointments.

For Ultra Eye Tightening around the eyes, it is recommended to include Fractional Skin Resurfacing (FSR) treatments as part of this programme.

Ultra Eye Tightening Programme -

Week 1 -  eye tightening followed by FSR treatment.
Week 2 - eye tightening
Week 3 - eye tightening
Week 4 - eye tightening followed by FSR treatment
Week 5 - no treatment
Week 6 - eye tightening
Week 7 - no treatment
Week 8 - eye tightening followed by FSR.