What happens during an Endymed FSR treatment?

Before the procedure, the practitioner will apply an anaesthetic cream.

The skin will feel hot and a bit stingy as the FSR hand-piece is used to create an energy pulse on the skin.

Each pulse will last for less than a second and will create tiny controlled micro-ablations (trauma) in the epidermis whilst uniform dermal heating takes place
This is repeated to provide complete coverage of the treatment area.

The skin will continue to feel hot for an hour or so after the procedure and will also appear red and slightly swollen, especially around the eye area. The immediate redness will start to improve after 6 hours, though you may remain pink for a few days. Cover up make up can be used.

A recovery gel can be used to help soothe and calm the skin, this is supplied.

Over the next few days it will be a little crusty and flaky as the resurfacing takes effect and the epidermis is renewed.  This should normally resolve after 5 to 7 days.

The use of a high level UV protection such as Heliocare SPF50 sun block during the whole of the treatment period is recommended.  This is supplied.

A week after the treatment

The benefit of the resurfacing with a brighter smoother appearance should start to be noticeable.

The dermal heating will be stimulating new collagen which will start to re-model and tighten from 4 to 6 weeks onwards giving a gradual and natural improvement to fine lines, wrinkles and scars.

An FSR course (of treatments normally,remove) consists of 3 sessions 4 to remove 6 weeks apart. The results are due to natural changes in the skin and as such are ongoing and long lasting, but will be enhanced with good evidence based skin care, UV protection and periodic top-up treatments.